Free Tennessee Parole Search & Absconder Lookup

Free Tennessee Parolee Lookup
Find out if someone you know or love was released from prison on parole in Tennessee, free of charge.

Perform a free Tennessee parole search to find parolees and parole violators by utilizing the databases and online lookup tools outlined in this resource.

Details about how to see if someone will be released from prison soon and how to check their parole hearing information will also be divulged.

Lastly, there is a section covering Tennessee probation searches, where different processes are highlighted to find people on probation (charged with less serious crimes and under supervision in the community) rather than parole (more serious crimes and released from prison).

How To Run a Tennessee Parole Search for Free

To find out about someone’s parole status, the Tennessee Felony Offender Information Lookup tool can be used. The tool provides an effective way for performing Tennessee parole lookups. To search for individuals on parole, citizens can either type in the full name of the individual, enter their Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) number or the state ID number (SID).

If inquirers are searching using the full name of the individual, then they must ensure to check the checkbox that asks to include any aliases. After performing the task, requesters will find a list of individuals bearing the similar names.

To look for those on parole, citizens will need to check the status mentioned against each individual. If the term ‘Parole’ is mentioned against the name, then that person is on parole.

Screenshot of offender information search results listing the offenders' DOC numbers, mugshots, names, birthdays, status, and locations, with an arrow emphasizing the parole status of an individual.
Source: Tennessee Department of Correction1

The tool is maintained by the TDOC, which plays a central role as it keeps track of offenders under state custody. They decide when an offender can be considered for parole. The information is then conveyed to the Board of Parole and it then becomes the board’s job to look closely at each case through hearings. Individuals interested in contacting the board can do so on the following:

Board of Parole – Tennessee
500 James Robertson Pkwy,
4th Floor, Davy Crockett Tower
Nashville, TN, 37243-0850

Phone: (615)741-1150

In 2022, the board officials made many reviews – hearings officers held nearly 13,000 meetings while board members conducted 751 more detailed sessions.2 They not only listened but also had the power to adjust any recommendations given by the officers.

The Tennessee Public Records Act T.C.A. § 10-7-501 allows everyone to access inmate records, including parole records.3 While government agencies keep official data, many third-party websites can also be utilized for finding these records. However, these non-government sites will not always reflect the most up-to-date or accurate information.

Look Up Parole Violators & Absconders in Tennessee

The Tennessee Felony Offender Information (FOIL) tool not only provides key information about felony offenders who are or were under the custody of the Department of Corrections (TDOC), but also provides information on parole violators and absconders.4

To search for those who are on the run, inquirers can use and enter identifiers in the search box. This includes the escapees first name and last name. The search can also be conducted through entering state-issued identification numbers like TDOC ID or State ID Number (SID).

Apart from these basic personal data points used for searching, this tool offers more valuable insight into an offender’s profile. Users get real-time access to their current status – whether they have become absconders or if the status has changed.

Other crucial details include their location at given moments, attached photos for easy identification and information on any active sentences being served. Citizens shouldn’t worry about any costs when accessing this vital service as it comes absolutely free of charge and is also available on mobile through the FOIL App.

How To Find Inmates in a Tennessee State Prison

When searching for information on inmates within the Tennessee state prison system, individuals can turn to the Department of Corrections (TDOC). The TDOC oversees 14 state prisons, directly managing ten and entrusting four to CoreCivic, a private company.

Citizens interested in locating an inmate can contact the state prison directly through the State Prison List provided by TDOC.5 The list gives physical addresses and contact numbers of all the state prisons.

For more specific searches, like finding someone convicted of a felony, there’s the Felony Offender Information Locator (FOIL). This is the same tool that is also utilized in conducting parole searches in Tennessee. In terms of those who are imprisoned this tool pinpoints only individuals held within state correctional institutions.

However, it is worth noting that county and city jails are separate and fall under local law enforcement agencies. Hence, they operate separately from FOIL and state prison systems.

Sending funds to an inmate starts with the Tennessee Department of Corrections Offenders Trust Fund. Sending money through the trust lets prisoners buy daily necessities from their commissary. To place money in this Offenders Trust Fund, you can use JPay, a service endorsed by TDOC for safe transactions.

For those hoping to visit someone in prison, following the Tennessee Department of Corrections Visitation Guidelines is necessary.

The first step involves completing a visitor application form addressed to the Associate Warden of Security, which takes up to 30 days for approval.6 After getting the approval, visits are held during set hours and citizens will need an official photo I.D. when visiting.

How To Track Down a Tennessee Parole Officer & Check the Next Hearing Date

Understanding the process of seeking help from a parole officer, or checking a subsequent hearing date is also important.

A great resource for locating probation and parole officers is the Department of Corrections Field Office Directory. This directory lists contact information for offices tackling various regions across the state and can also help in Tennessee parolee searches.

Citizens must locate their district or county office, get in touch with them and find out who handles inmates on parole within that region. Many times though, there can be a need for more than an officer’s contact, like when trying to obtain details about an impending parole hearing.

For this purpose, the Board of Parole keeps a ready record known as the Online Hearings Schedule, which they manage and update often for public use.7 The parole hearing in Tennessee is a key process. It helps determine when an offender is ready for release and can return to a law-abiding life again.

Screenshot of the parole hearing schedule displaying the names of institutions, and listing the inmate number, name, hearing type, and date.
Source: Tennessee Board of Parole7

To attend a hearing, individuals need to get in contact with the IPPO – Institutional Probation/Parole Officer – at the prison first.8 The officer resides where the inmate is housed and holds information about their parole hearing. The officers are valued members of TDOC – Tennessee Department of Correction – team, acting as a bridge with the Board of Parole.

Crime victims can also request to be present at parole hearings and can voice their concerns against offenders’ release at these hearings. The Victim Services Division exists solely for this purpose and can be reached via phone at 615-532-8112 or 866-795-7467 or by email at

Individuals having concerns about a parolee’s safety, their safety, the safety of others, or violations can also contact the Compliant Reporting Supervision at (866)506-7225.

How To Complete a Tennessee Probationer Search at No Cost

Probation is a type of punishment where an offender isn’t sent to prison. Instead, they need to report regularly to a probation officer and abide by some rules.

Parole, on the other hand, comes into play for more severe crimes or offenders freed from prison early. They also have rules they must follow once out of jail.

In Tennessee, people can check if someone is on probation or parole through public records freely provided by government offices. For state level information, people can turn to the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC). County or city level data resides with local law enforcement agencies like sheriff’s offices or police departments.

State Level: The TDOC offers a free service known as Felony Offender Information Locator (FOIL). This online database makes it possible to run a probation search using different criteria; it could be by name, TDOC ID or State ID number. FOIL provides valuable data including prisoners’ release dates except for those serving life sentences.

County Level: Shelby County’s Probation Section keeps track of probationers under its purview.9 These offenders are typically those who have encountered some misdemeanor offenses or felony diversion situations. They may also be individuals going for misdemeanor diversion (sentencing that aims to remedy the behavior leading to an arrest).

To get information on probation records individuals can contact the Shelby County Probation Section at the following:

Shelby County Probation Section
Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building
160 North Main Street,
Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: 901-222-2300

Nashville City: In the city of Nashville, finding details on someone with probation status can be done through their online probation lookup platform dedicated to providing such information. To access this information, citizens need their first name, last name, and birth date.

Screenshot of the online probation case finder with required fields for first and last names, and date of birth.
Source: Nashville-Davidson County Probation Department for the General Sessions Court10

Once these details are entered, payment follows next. Credit card payments will attract an additional 2.30% fee as part of the process. Searchers can also opt for in-person payment or mail-in requests. Mail-in requests can be sent to the following:

Metro Probation Department
100 James Robertson Parkway Suite,
10 Nashville, Tennessee, 37201

Phone: (615)862-8380

Office hours: 8:00 am — 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

To find individuals on probation, the above mentioned methods can be utilized. However, if citizens are interested in finding information only on parole, then the resource offers multiple ways to carry out Tennessee parole search requests as well.


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